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OGCC Day 22 – Porsche Design Aluminum Sledge

OGCC Day 22 – Porsche Design Aluminum Sledge

Porsche Design Aluminum Sledge (Image courtesy Porsche Design)
By Andrew Liszewski

2008 OGCC Day 22 (Image property OhGizmo!)Porsche Design has already tackled the world of sledding with their Kinderbob model that was featured in last year’s OGCC. But while the Kinderbob seemed to be targeted towards the younger ‘let’s have fun’ crowd, Porsche Design’s newest model, the Aluminum Sledge, appears to be targeted towards the ‘I have to always look stylish’ crowd.

The sled features an aluminum frame with stainless steel runners as well as a waterproof faux-leather seat that’s both durable and UV-resistant. In fact the sled can support a rider up to 220 lbs. in weight, so it’s perfect for grown-up kids as well as the young’ns. And to make the sled easier to transport and store it has a “practical” folding mechanism and comes with a high-quality carrying bag so it doesn’t get dinged up when tossed in your trunk. The Aluminum Sledge is quite literally the Porsche of sleds, and if you can stomach the $490 price tag you can probably order one from your nearest Porsche dealership.

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