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Destruct 3 Board Game

Destruct 3 Board Game

Destruct 3 Game (Image courtesy UncommonGoods)
By Andrew Liszewski

Even though it means that someone just lost the game, the most satisfying part of playing Jenga is when that precariously stacked tower of blocks finally collapses. So it seems only logical that someone would make a board game where knocking down a tower is the actual goal. In Destruct 3, players take turns building a small tower while their opponents try to bring it down using one of 3 ‘destructro’ devices including a catapult, a wrecking ball pendulum and a ramp.

Besides the promise of smashing stuff up real good like, the game also teaches concepts like cause and effect, as well as basic engineering premises while you try to construct and position your tower to withstand the attacks. At $55 from UncommonGoods it’s a bit more expensive than your average board game, but it’s made in Thailand from sustainable rubber tree wood, and the board itself folds up into its own storage case. In other words, it seems like a worthwhile and entertaining investment.

For more information on Destruct 3, please visit the Uncle Skunkle Toys website.

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