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Tiny Wireless Keyboard Is Perfect For HTPC Setups

Tiny Wireless Keyboard Is Perfect For HTPC Setups

By Luke Anderson

If you have a home theater PC set up, there’s a good chance that you’ll have a keyboard and mouse nearby for tasks that can’t be completed with a remote. Something to keep in mind when looking at such peripherals is that movies and such are always good to watch in the dark. Trying to operat a plain wireless keyboard in the dark, that’s not so good.

While this Illuminated Super-Tiny  Wireless Keyboard looks a bit cheesy with its glowing keys, you’ll be glad you had it the next time you reach for it in the dark. Granted, you probably don’t do a lot of typing from the couch in the dark, so it may or may not be worth the $47 price tag.

[ Brando ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]