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OGCC Day 18 – Trail Blazer Snow Auger

OGCC Day 18 – Trail Blazer Snow Auger

Union Tools Trail Blazer Snow Auger (Image courtesy Home Depot)By Andrew Liszewski

2008 OGCC Day 18 (Image property OhGizmo!)So far, this year’s OGCC has been all about holiday fun and novelty, but I figured I’d at least throw in one item that was not only practical, but could actually save you from back pain or even a heart attack. Every year we see stories on the news about people ending up in the hospital after overdoing it when it comes to shoveling snow, but the beauty of the Trail Blazer is that you don’t really need to shovel at all.

The scoop and auger design makes it look a lot like a gas-powered snow blower, but instead of relying on a loud engine, you actually just push it along the ground. The turning motion of the auger forces the snow off to the side, and the Trail Blazer is able to clear a 21 inch path in wet or dry snow as deep as 4 inches. Best of all, you never actually have to lift the Trail Blazer like you do with a regular snow shovel, and it works just as well on uneven surfaces like brick, fieldstone or wooden decks. Amazon’s got it for $62.99 which is a little steep, unless you live somewhere where shoveling snow is a daily chore and not just an occasional annoyance.

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