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Japanese Club Nintendo Members Get Mii Business Cards

Japanese Club Nintendo Members Get Mii Business Cards

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This week those of us in the US were finally given access to the super-exclusive Club Nintendo. Of course each region has its own specific set of rewards, so what we see in Japan and Europe might not necessarily be available over here. Still, it’s fun to see what new prizes they get, and to wonder whether or not they will be coming to us any time soon.

The latest addition to the Japanese Club Nintendo are these Mii business cards. Users can trade in 150 coins for a set of 30, which include your name, contact information and of course, your Friend Code. Likely the entire point of these business cards is to make it easier for one to connect with their friends, since rarely does a person readily have their 96-digit Friend Code available. I don’t suspect we’ll actually see these cards at all, since they’re redeemed through the Digicam Print Channel, which also is a Japanese exclusive.