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Tokyoflash Watches Now Available With Fur

Tokyoflash Watches Now Available With Fur

By Evan Ackerman

How do you make a watch that’s impossible to read even better? You make it out of dead animal bits, that’s how. Tokyoflash has a new series of wristwatches called Waku that incorporate bands and faces made with a strip of brown leather, “croc effect” black leather, or “natural” fur from some unspecified but probably cute (cute pre-watch, anyway) animal. A series of fourteen holes poked in the leather face let LEDs shine through which, if you concentrate, you can use to decipher what time it is. Eventually, anyway… “A simple animation sparkles before the time is presented in three easy-to-read steps.” But I guess you wouldn’t buy a Tokyoflash watch if you weren’t into those sorts of shenanigans, would you?

Each watch is about $130 with either white or multicolored LEDs, available now.

[ Toykoflash Waku ] VIA [ Neatorama ]