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Socket Deer, The Classy Phone Holder

Socket Deer, The Classy Phone Holder

By Luke Anderson

My iPhone doesn’t always last through the whole day, so sometimes I’ll need to charge it when I’m not at my desk or bed. Unfortunately this means that my favorite phone ends up sitting on the floor with a USB cord plugged into it. I generally set it somewhere out of the way, but it still worries me. Probably not enough to warrant the purchase of these Socket Deer.

These socket covers are pretty handy, as they keep ahold of your phone while it is charging. They’re made from tough urethane rubber, which should keep a decent grip on your phone. I wouldn’t really suggest using these if you have small children running around. Something about those points tells me that they’ll attract children. If you’re more excited about these than I am, you’ll have to calm yourself. They are currently only a concept design.

[ Nendo ] VIA [ FoolishGadgets ]