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Orbita Mouse Embodies Giant Scroll Wheel

Orbita Mouse Embodies Giant Scroll Wheel

By Evan Ackerman

No matter how many controls you try to stuff into a mouse, there are a finite amount of things you can easily and intuitively do with one hand. The Orbita mouse take a stab at a unique axis of control by turning the entire mouse into one big giant scroll wheel. It works just like a normal wireless optical mouse (it’s got a laser in the bottom, etc.), except to left click, you push the whole thing down, and to right click you squeeze it. To scroll, the top half of the mouse can be rotated around on ball bearings.

The key difference here is that you can scroll endlessly and smoothly, with a nice big physical wheel. Does it offer you any additional functionality over a traditional scroll wheel? Not really, but if you do a lot of audio or video editing, it could make your life more convenient. At $98.50, though, if I were you I might consider getting yourself a Space Navigator to use as a secondary input device instead.

The Orbita mouse should be available in January of next year.

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