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More Giveaways!  Digital Innovations Gear, Along With $100 Amazon Gift Certificate

More Giveaways! Digital Innovations Gear, Along With $100 Amazon Gift Certificate

By David Ponce

Well, one thing’s for sure guys: you’ll have to learn to love leaving comments this Holiday season. We’re launching yet another giveaway, this time from Neuros’ sister company, Digital Innovations. In their words, this is what’s up for grabs:

Digital Innovations gears including the following:

DVD Dr (Fabulous accessories that saved me quite a few DVDs and CDs over the years).

Laser Lens Cleaner (If you clean your DVD, you gotta make sure your window for the laser lens is spotless for optimal playback quality, this special DVD does that and even works with the tricky Blu-ray players)

TV Screen Cleaner (Might not be sexy, but super useful especially since so many people don’t know the anti-glare coating on their TV’s can not be washed with household detergents).

To sweeten the deal, they’re throwing in a $100 Amazon gift certificate in there.

So, once again, the details:

Who can enter? Oh, you know. We don’t like to make things hard around here. As in all our other giveaways, just enter a comment and you’re good to go. And the usual applies: Spam = Ban.

Deadline? We’re picking a winner Sunday the 21st at midnight EST, and announcing Monday the 22nd.

Who can enter? Sad to say, it’s US only. But don’t worry, we got more giveaways coming open to the world. Stay tuned.

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