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SmartDriver Holds Your Screw In Place

SmartDriver Holds Your Screw In Place

By Luke Anderson

How many times have you been trying to put a screw in the wall, only to drop it while trying to get the darn thing lined up? Yeah, it’s happened to most people more times than they can count, so don’t feel bad. The guys over at Black & Decker have heard our cries (which generally include a profanity or two) and designed a screwdriver that actually holds onto the screw for us.

This SmartDriver is unique in that it has an extendable arm with a small magnet. This magnet is what keeps the screw in place while you’re trying to line it up. As cool as this sounds at first, I doubt that I would end up taking full advantage of this feature. I tend to be a bit anal about my carpentry, so I drill pilot holes. I learned a long time ago that a quick pilot hole can save you the hassle of dropping your screws, and makes sure that they go in straight. If you’ve got a lot of screws to drive, then I could see this coming in handy, but for people like me that don’t do it too often, it’s probably not worth the $40 investment.

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