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Foam Fruitcake Can Be Passed Down For Generations

Foam Fruitcake Can Be Passed Down For Generations

By Luke Anderson

I’ve always wondered why it is people feel compelled to give fruitcakes during the holidays. I can’t honestly say that I’ve ever tried one, mostly because I don’t know how many times its been re-gifted. Well this year, why not give someone a fake fruitcake? Sure, you’ve always got the inflatable one that we showed you, but this one looks a bit more authentic.

See, if you get someone an inflatable fruitcake, they’ll know it’s a gag gift and you’ll all have a good laugh. However, this rather real looking foam cake will actually fool them into thinking that you’ve actually gotten them the real deal. Now this can go one of two ways. The recipient can either try to eat it, at which time you’ll all have a really good laugh, or they can throw it out (or alternatively re-gift it). If the latter happens, you can really corner them by asking later how they enjoyed the fruitcake. They will likely tell you that it was delicious and thank you for the thoughtful gift. I’d personally hope this happened. At this point you’re free to ridicule them endlessly for just tossing aside your gift, or even more so for re-gifting it to someone else. Either way, $13 is going to get you countless laughs.

[ BaronBob ] VIA [ FoolishGadgets ]