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Club Nintendo Opens Its Doors In The US

Club Nintendo Opens Its Doors In The US

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Finally, after years of waiting we in the US finally have access to the exclusive Club Nintendo. I sort of feel like that guy that’s been waiting on the wrong side of the velvet rope, drooling every time I see the door open. Well yesterday Nintendo finally lifted that rope and let me cross the threshold, and you can come inside too.

Granted, the sights aren’t as great as I’d hoped, but they do have some prizes for loyal fans. Mostly just cases and cards for now, but we all know that the good stuff will come eventually. I’ll probably just horde my points in anticipation for one of their extra-special items that they’ve been know for putting up. The site still seems a bit wonky, as just earlier I couldn’t stay logged in for more than a couple of minutes before getting booted again.

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