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Chronochrome – Another Overly Complicated Clock

Chronochrome – Another Overly Complicated Clock

Chronochrome (Image courtesy Chronochrome Ltd.)
By Andrew Liszewski

Damn you Tokyo Flash! While your obfuscated watch designs look cool and stand out in the crowd of boring analog faces, they’ve also influenced other ‘clock’ makers to make it nearly impossible to easily tell the time. Like the Chronochrome for example.

At first glance it looks like another trippy mood light, which it is, but those colored bands are also used to display the current time. Each color represents a different number, so you simply read it from left to right like a regular digital clock display. But that of course requires you to memorize what each color actually means, which sounds a bit too much like homework for my liking. The Chronochrome can also be set to cycle through the colors in various patterns, or dimmed if you’d prefer to use it as a night light. And it’s available from their website for about $73.

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