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OGCC Day 12 – M&M’S Musical Ornaments

OGCC Day 12 – M&M’S Musical Ornaments

M&M'S Musical Ornaments (Image courtesy Catalog Favorites)
By Andrew Liszewski

2008 OGCC Day 12 (Image property of OhGizmo!)I suppose the fact that I associate M&M’S with Christmas is a tribute to the marketing gurus at Mars. I mean all they really did was exclude a couple of colors come the holidays, and somehow it’s now the official candy of Christmas in my mind. (That’s right candy canes, take a hike!) But why stop at just filling your house with bowls of M&M’S when they can hang and and serenade you on your Christmas tree as well?

The Red and Green M&M characters are now available as officially licensed ornaments that feature light-up LED eyes and moving mouths that single along to either Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree or Holly Jolly Christmas. In fact the M&M’S even feature the actual voices used in the commercials, which I have to assume means the red M&M is the closest you’ll ever get to having Billy West hang out with you during the holidays.

The Red and Green M&M ornaments are available individually from Catalog Favorites for $14.95 each, or as a set for $24.95.

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