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Frustrate Your Friends With The Toilet Roll Puzzle

Frustrate Your Friends With The Toilet Roll Puzzle

By Luke Anderson

I love brain teasers and crafty puzzles. Anything that really makes you think for the solution. I guess it’s that rush that I get when I finally figure it out (which is usually followed by that feeling of “I wasted how much time on that thing?”, but we won’t go into that). However, this is one puzzle that I wouldn’t like to encounter, unless it were on my own terms.

This crazy-looking toilet paper holder is special. You see, there is a puzzle that must be solved before the TP can be dispensed. This is the sort of thing that you figure out how to solve beforehand, then install just to frustrate your friends and family. At just $20, this is a cost-effective way to make sure that your mother-in-law stops by as little as possible.

[ LazyBone ] VIA [ FoolishGadgets ]