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Netbook Cooling Pad Includes Slim Optical Drive

Netbook Cooling Pad Includes Slim Optical Drive

By Evan Ackerman

The one potentially major deficiency of netbooks, in my opinion, could be the lack of an optical drive. Blu-ray or not, optical discs are totally, totally ancient technology (they should do us all a favor and put movies on USB keys), but for whatever reason they’re still around and we have to deal with them. Sigh.

This laptop cooling pad is specifically designed to be small and convenient for netbooks(it measures 227x180x16mm), while also having enough space for 2 additional USB ports and a drive bay, which can handle either a SATA HD (up to 320 GB) or a slim IDE optical drive depending on which model you get. The downside of the optical drive as opposed to the HD is that you’ll need an external power adapter, but it’s not a bad little setup to have if you feel like you need the option. Not that netbooks really need cooling in the first place, but whatever.

It’s about $40, but as far as I can tell you’ll have to order it from Japan.

VIA [ UMPC Portal ]