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DIY Wearable Toy Piano Shirt

DIY Wearable Toy Piano Shirt

Wearable Toy Piano (Images courtesy Instructables - mikamika)
By Andrew Liszewski

They say the best gifts you can give at Christmas are the ones you make yourself, but from my own experiences, that probably only applies to people who work in factories that produce cellphones or HDTVs. However, even if there’s someone on your list who’s a techno-snob, I think they’ll appreciate getting something like this DIY Wearable Toy Piano shirt. It was designed by Instructables author ‘mikamika’ who actually created it for the diy* Festival that was held in Zurich this past weekend.

Not surprisingly, most of the electronic components are scavenged from a kid’s toy piano, but the shirt also features conductive fabrics and threads so that the keys end up all over the place, which makes playing it more fun I guess. What I like most is that the shirt ends up looking pretty slick, with the various components being arranged in a rather pleasing design. I’ve included a YouTube video of the shirt actually being worn and played after the jump, and the only suggestion I have for improving it is to maybe use a louder speaker.

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