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iHome iH15W Plays Music, Changes Colors, Is A Cube

iHome iH15W Plays Music, Changes Colors, Is A Cube

By Evan Ackerman

Sometimes, you wake up, and it’s a purple day. Or a orange day. Or a blue day. You have the wardrobe to match your mood, and a complete set of iPod Nanos because that’s just how trendy you are, but oh no, what about your stereo? It’s so monochromatic! But worry not, for iHome comes to the rescue with yet another iPod accessory.

The iH15W is a cube with 2 speakers, a sub, and an iPod dock stuffed into it, along with enough LEDs to satisfy your wildest and most vivid color fantasies. A button allows you to change colors on a whim, or set it to cycle through them all to accompany your rapid and unpredictable mood swings. So, if you’re currently feeling in need of a “unique cube of beautiful color and sound” that promises to “illuminate your music and complement your mood,” the iH15w can be yours, as long as you’re also in the mood to pay $59.99 for it.

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