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Get Your Hands On Some Free Gmail Stickers

Get Your Hands On Some Free Gmail Stickers

By Luke Anderson

I’ve been using Gmail for around 4 years now. I’ve pretty much routed all of my email through there, because its just easier to use and keep track of. There was a period where I was a bit worried since it was still in beta, but after a while I realized that practically everything but the search engine is considered “in beta”. Well if you need a comforting reminder of your favorite webmail client, even when you’re offline, you might try these Gmail stickers.

The crazy cats over at Google made a few stickers, which they liked enough to share with the world. These include a glittery m-velope sticker, one of three bookplate style stickers and a set of Gmail keyboard shortcut stickers. Just send off a self-addressed stamped envelope to the address below.

Send me some Gmail stickers already
P.O. Box 391420
Mountain View, CA 94039-1420

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