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We’re Giving Away a Neuros OSD – Ho Ho Ho and Stuff

We’re Giving Away a Neuros OSD – Ho Ho Ho and Stuff

By David Ponce

It’s that time of the year. We’ll be giving stuff away over the next few days. We’re starting with this, the Neuros OSD. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a “device to archive, organize, and easily play all of your DVDs, VHS, and video media.” It’s worth $130, and we’re not going to ask you to jump through hoops to get it.

How to enter? Just leave a comment on this post, and we’ll randomly choose a winner by this Friday. The only catch is that it’s US only. Sorry world.

[ Neuros OSD ]

  • Kevin

    Here's hoping no one else notices this post!

  • Scott Phelps

    I gotta have it

  • Binary Assassin

    Well, there are two of us now!!

  • jackburnt

    Yay for contests where you don't have to take pictures of yourself!

    I've been enjoying Oh Gizmo for a while now!

  • Robert

    Thanks for the chance!

  • jamie

    The only thing better than cheap stuff is free stuff. Gimme gimme gimme, I need, I need

  • Darren

    I'm not in the US, so I can post all I'd like. Too bad that it's US only, these look like nice little units.

    I noticed it because it's in my RSS feed.. 😉

  • Amanda

    Yay for give aways!!1

  • Eric

    This would be a nice addition to my pirating den… er… living room. 😀

  • ocentertainment

    Ho, ho, ho and stuff.

    ….Isn't that a Grinch quote? 🙂

  • Capn0

    Good Luck to all (including a little my way I hope)!!

  • JeffF


  • Bill


  • Jennifer

    Now all I need is a VCR to view all my VHS tapes with.

  • Jaron

    Here's to hoping!

  • Sun

    Thanks Ohgizmo!

  • shidara

    Well that's a nifty ;i'l device. That would make choosing movies for my 4-year-old mighty easy . . .

  • Trey

    I'm crossing my fingers….looks awesome!

  • moop2000

    Man, that'd be an awesome gift to get!

  • Joe

    Looks sweet. Here's hoping.

  • three6t

    Yes please!!!

  • Andres

    cool. I'm in

  • Ryan

    Pretty cool little device

  • Chevy147

    I hope I win it not for me but for my son's father, for my wife's husband, For my mother's child……

  • Bryon

    That's awesome! I want one

  • Rick

    Worth a shot…

  • Chris

    I am all about free stuff… especially free things I actually want

  • Lachee

    This product seems great

  • Wangtang


  • Dan

    So far the odds are good, but the goods are odd.
    I checked the company sight and looked at it on newegg – looks very cool, but only has RCA output. That's great for many things, but rather than archiving everything multiple times, wouldn't it be better to get the highest quality possible the first time, and have component & HDMI available for those high quality videos?
    Anyway, my 2¢.

  • DrWorm


  • Joshua


  • Nate

    Posted! I had one of their mp3 players, a huge brick of a thing. Tons of features though.

  • Rrrralph

    Well played Oh Gizmo – I hope your holiday spirit may catch on and inspire others.
    Good things.

  • Liganic


  • Jorge

    Just trying:P

  • Prash

    Hoping to make this a good christmas with a new toy, no whammys!

  • Benjamin H Goldberg

    yeh hope no one posts

  • Alvin Ashcraft

    I am a winner.

  • TrishaG

    Stealthy post here… Pick me! I need to hide the fact that I own every episode of school house rock.

  • Mel

    I want it, because, you know, you have to think of all the starving children.

  • Joel

    Nice. Now I can hide all my dvds. Well if I win I will be able to

  • carogonza

    What a great contest. Thanks.

  • AJ

    thats whats up… gimme HD!!

  • Dexter

    Vote for me!

  • Rob

    Looks like something really cool

  • JoeBoo

    I'd like one!

  • Kevin Hjelden

    Should we enter any witty text in this box to enter?

  • DataHaunt

    Here's hoping….

  • skipjm

    I have no idea what id does but free is GOOD anytime!!!!!!!

  • Justin

    I think everyone at Ohgizmo! should pick me because i am a poor person that lives in a igloo in south Africa that eats nothing but the dead brains of chairs so i can stop them from attacking our small village of Sockygamen. GIMMM MEEEEEE!

  • Vadhym

    Nice! you gotta love giveaways

  • GoatTuber

    Hey, I just happen to live in the US, how convenient. These things look pretty damn good.

  • Hollie

    hecka sweet.

  • CortJstr

    Postedy post post post.

  • tnunndox

    This will make a perfect gift for somebody on eBay looking for this device.

  • david

    i don't know what it is, i MUST have it!

  • bgoheen

    Love Gizmo! Really love give aways!

  • Brett

    All I have to say is <Witty commentary><WittyCommentary>.
    Oh, and I hope I win.

  • rob

    Here goes!

  • Chad D


  • nic0

    Pick Me! I can't remember the last time I won something. But I don't think I ever heard of Neuros OSD before. How much memory is in it?

  • nic0

    sorry…. you can't enter, you live in south africa… US

  • M Fischer

    I can't wait to organize my VHS media with this beauty 😉

  • GeoMoosers

    !ni m'I

  • Bradley

    Cant wait for Friday

  • JeBe

    PICK ME AND LOVE CANADA!!! Hahaha… Anyway, my sister live in LA. So I guess I'm eligible to enter??? Either way I just wanna say this: OHGIZMO + BOTJUNKIE = SEX!!!

  • Rabdsquirlz

    Free lewt!

  • Rabdsquirlz

    Free lewt!

  • Scott

    I'm gonna win 🙂

  • Ryan

    Oh Gizmo-Claus please bring me an Neuros OSD. I've been mighty good this year.

  • mdc4115

    can i has one?

  • Luke Henry

    This is cool.

  • jack

    I don't use this word often, but here goes; Awesome!

  • Chisel

    Thanks for this contest, very generous

  • Ty

    All of my DVDs, VHSs, converted Beta tapes, WMV, AVI, MPEG files in one place…..Awesome.

  • angelsanges

    i am here!

  • JaneM

    I've only been a little naughty, mostly nice. Please Santa O'Gizmo may I have one?

  • Gary

    Well, if nobody else wants it……… ha!

  • greeves

    Um, I'd love it. Will it hold all 15,000 cds? Will I have the patience to load it?

  • AK210

    entered ?!#$%# 🙂

  • Nate

    But six is sofa king good

  • Meg

    Sounds really cool!

  • Kevin S

    Christmas Giveaway SWEET!!

  • mnplx

    i love oh gizmo and now that im the potential recipient of a free product (gizmo if you will) i love you even more. keep up the good work you guys rock

  • kraney

    This *is* the post you're looking for…

  • jeffmauch

    Here's to hoping to get this as a graduation gift!

  • megamike

    gosh that thing is sexy!

  • mckayc

    I bought a Neuros media player back in the day. Nice features but huge…. I wish they would come out with something new. I need a media player that can play ogg.

  • Arthur

    Pick me Please 🙂

  • jayseedub

    I'm very good at commenting, when there's stuff up for grabs.


  • goverland

    Happy Holidays OhGizmo!

  • chemcas

    I will win this!

  • Markus_Aurelius

    Happy Holidays!

  • rawker

    hope i win

  • Jeff


  • Peter

    Looks rather nice.

  • Zach

    1 out of 100 not bad odds so far

  • Alex

    Very cool-looking…would make a great early Christmas present! 😀
    OhGizmo rocks!

  • Anthony

    sweet, Merry Christmas??

  • Jon K

    This thing would allow me to do so many more things in video editing. I would die with happiness if I got it. 😀

  • Ad Astra

    Website's kinda iffy, but could be good – I'd like one!

  • Paul

    Gimme gizmos!

  • Michelle

    …sitting here with fingers crossed waiting for my winning email from you.

  • Drew

    I need it, Santa!

  • Dave

    I am jumping thru flamining hoops at work why not here for fun stuff?

  • Fernando

    I want it!

  • jason mullins

    Lemme have it!!!

  • TimO

    Looks like a fun way to store all the home movies….

  • Alex

    I love this device – I'd love to win one

  • Joe

    You want for to be giving prize this a way ya dig!

  • toKio

    sweet, festivus for the rest of us

  • jmlee337

    Awesome, I hope I win =D

  • Rebekah

    Here's my post.

  • Brian

    Send it this way!

  • Victor DiBlasi

    I think I would like to have this to go with my neurosis.


  • early birrdd

    This could be an excellent gift for my cousin. I wonder if he graduated from that art school..

  • Dan Wright

    I'd love to get my hands on this item to play with it.

  • MrSpocksSon

    Hit me…

  • Qballa

    I would really like to win this, it looks awesome!!!

  • robjae

    I could always use another toy.

  • Ozone

    I'll take one!

  • Tragic Comic

    Have to admit I'd never heard of this thing before today. Tho is a pretty sweet concept. Hope it works as well as advertised.

  • Storr

    Big fan of gadgets, especially free ones, so here's my comp entry.

  • Anika


  • MattEFresh

    one for good luck

  • dave


  • Edward

    i will win!!!!!!!!…hopefully

  • rob tonti

    thanks for the giveaway, i have never won anything in my life

  • Steve

    Cool! I want one

  • Joe

    ooh me!

  • Colman

    Thank you for the chance.

  • jeff687687

    I'll register for free stuff! Pick me! Love the site!

  • chilepepper

    I like free stuff.

  • Jessica Kennedy

    Enter me plz.

  • Brandon

    Nothing better than somebody getting something for free! Good luck to all! 🙂

  • Jeff

    Me, Me, Me, Me

  • Zeke


  • x93


  • randy

    oh cool you give away stuff ohgizmo ftw!!!!

  • Brian Taylor

    Hey David, OhGizmo has been my homepage forever now. Awesome stuff. I never get tired of it. Your writing is hilarious and the “ohgizmos” are great. Thanks for all these years of fun. I look forward to many more!

  • ars

    I like free.

  • Mani

    Let's see if this works.

  • Chrissy

    *fingers crossed*

  • bryan chandler

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  • Craig

    I could use that

  • Forrest C.

    Sweet. I'll take 2!

  • Kurochi

    Oh Gizmo! you rock!

  • corey

    That'd be nifty.

  • Travis

    i didn't know this existed until now. nor did i know i needed it until now.

  • Billy_McSkintos

    Is this the solution I have been looking for? DVD Jukebox?

  • Mike

    woo i want one!!!

  • MoSkeet

    I'm not sure how it works…but I know I need one.
    It is visually pleasing.
    And will make me look much smarter than the techo-wimp I am

  • Blue Monkey

    This sounds like a pretty sweet toy (and it looks pretty slick too). Thanks for the offer.

  • Mike

    Yay, contests are awesome. Always wanted one of these. Can it support Hulu at all?

  • LukeAnderson

    So the only stipulation is that I have to live in the US? Haha! Then I'll just enter too!

    Oh wait, what's that super-teeny-tiny non-existent (but still very implied) print? Something about the writers on this site not being eligible?

    Drat, foiled again! Next time Mr. Ponce….next time.

  • Jason

    man that is a sexy gadget. Hope I win.

  • DrJamesLim

    Awesome! I love easy contests like this! Thanks!

  • Johnny

    This looks awesome!!! Definitely a worthy prize from OG!!!

  • Franki

    The coolest open source product out there!

  • boinger

    first post!

  • Diego H

    hmm would be pretty nice to have one of those now!!

  • Shaboigan

    Gimmee Gimmee?

  • Joey Miller

    Randomly choose me! Randomly choose me!

  • Kilroy Higgins


  • bowlby4

    Sounds really cool.

  • Brian Adams

    It's a good idea, you store your stuff on memory cards or any usb media. I would however like to get a look at the tv menu interface they have designed, that could be a deal breaker for me.
    Also what format is your media converted to?

  • sgtbear

    This would work well on my deployment to Iraq.

  • dponce80

    Lol, you got it. The writers on this site get to review some stuff though…

  • Stan


  • Terry

    I with all you other hopefuls!

  • Al

    What a great Holiday present this will make

  • bridge2nowhere

    I'm Game for this

  • Luke

    Ho ho ho to you to! Is there a greater chance of winning if I write more stuff into this textbox? I mean the comment should be bigger if theres more text..

    Anyho thanks for a great site ant “God Jul” to you. Greetings from Finland

  • Tyro Prate


  • Ed

    Pick me! Pick me!

  • jennys4ys

    This is my first time leaving a comment. I deserve a Neuros OSD. Thanks!

  • mcman

    Random winner

  • Bill B.

    Pick me! Pick Me!!

  • David

    Monte, Monte…
    Pick Me!
    Pick Me!

  • tom mahar


  • Josh


  • Jason James

    I dare say… woot!

  • Frag Monger

    Neuros me! Sounds interesting.

  • Luke


  • Racer_X

    Very cool, put me down for two!

  • ethel lebnkoff

    Neuros OSD.-I need this

  • RampRat

    Count me in on this please MIKE

  • Tracy

    I've been stalking this gadget and its predecessors for some time. Even though I am not 100% convinced I would hack it well, I want to try it out!

  • Joseph

    This thing looks pretty sweet!

  • Brandon James

    Chalk me up as a contestant!

  • Bryan McAninch


  • Rob

    Contests! gotta love the sweet swag that OhGizmo! passes out.

  • perfectfire

    This is my comment.

  • brianwebb

    heres is to some xmass luck

  • atlcog

    Throwing my hat into the ring.

  • Carmen

    This is a great contest!

  • K T Bradford

    Wow, Neuros? That's a company name I haven't heard in a LONG time. I had one of their MP3 players (a Digital Audio Computer) a few years ago. I adored it, but it broke less than a year after purchase. very sad! I was also really disappointed in them for not bringing out the third generation of that player, as it was one of the best on the market, especially for that price. I'm intrigued by this new device, especially since all the R&D went into that and not the N3, so I'm commenting. But man, talk about memory lane!

  • Dan Pompey

    Great prize. Would love to get it!

  • SourApple

    Randomly Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me!

  • nik

    I do believe I would like this.

  • Melissa Steele-Ogus


  • jon b

    i've wanted one for hacking for a while.

  • Tim White

    Sounds Great. I hope I win.

  • patrick

    Hey, cool prioce, hard to find here in peru

  • Wes Sherman

    Free stuff is always good

  • Chad Lembree

    Yummy…I have been looking for something like this.

    I'll guess I'll buy one…either way.

  • Aaron

    this thing looks awesome

  • davideith


  • Thomas

    Thanks for a great feed!

  • Sneth

    I am a sucker for contests. me me me.

  • Tony Scialdone

    I'm not telling my friends about this. =)

  • bbxl

    Happy holidays to everyone!

  • Ilya

    Odds are 212 to 1. Not looking so hot.

  • Bob Huey


  • james hedman

    I wonder how it works.

  • ArrowDynamic


    It would make my holiday season.

  • 00Andy

    “When you're young, you occasionally say and do stupid things even when you're smart.”
    — Paul Graham

  • Martin

    Choose me …. randomly 😀

  • Justin

    Pick me!

  • Mary

    Me, me, PICK ME!!

  • deastris

    This looks awesome! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • SATinner

    What a great offer! Love the site. Love gizmos. This is just gravy on top of all that!

  • Dupree

    Hope I get it! From a quiet but avid oh gizmo follower.

  • Kyle

    It would be my dream!

  • Bradmeister1

    I would like to win this…randomly.

  • David Pape

    Looks cool!

  • Sam Lamp

    cool i want one!

  • LiquidAg

    So Neuros left the portable media player industry?

  • Justin

    Me want! 🙂

  • jonnichols

    Wow! Awesome giveaway!

  • Desarmenien

    i can't loose …

  • Ryan


  • Steve C

    Yes Please

  • Kevin Chau

    You guys kept digging up awesome stuff. This is my favorite website to spend time procrastinating…

  • Brian

    great site and gifts too

  • rich_kraft

    Hope I win

  • rick

    looks great

  • Clay

    very nice, hope I get it!

  • Andy Flowe


  • Sarah

    Sign me up!

  • Joan

    Happy holidays to all!

  • Derrick

    i must have it!

  • coberloco

    I just wish it would make me sound like Darth Vader too. Oh well, I guess winning would be a start!

  • Mark

    Nice. Gotta love a chance at free stuff…

  • Skeeter_Webb

    Love your site…read it every day! Keep coming with the cool (and sometimes uncool) stuff!

  • influx


  • Andrew Morrow

    I hope I win 🙂

  • Katherine Zemla

    I'll put my hand in the cookie jar as well, except i really hope there's a cookie in there! hah worth a try, Have a great holiday and I enjoy reading ohgizmo at least every other day!

  • ch4d

    Happy holidays!

  • raph304

    Merry Christmas to Oh Gizmo

  • Emil Leto

    just what I wanted for the holidays

  • ben dover

    Wahoo! Thanks for letting me enter!

  • Cory Crockett

    I love free give aways!!

  • Funjob

    ¯(0_o)/¯ Sweepstakes, neat-stakes!
    I read Ohgizmo! every day for new stuff.

    Whats a trip to the tubes without you guys?

  • james

    That's just sweet!!

  • james

    That's just sweet!!

  • james

    That's just sweet!!