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Tengu – Now In Wood!

Tengu – Now In Wood!

Mr. Jones's Tengu (Image courtesy Crispin Jones)
By Andrew Liszewski

Hey everyone, remember Tengu? The USB powered… thing… with an LED face that appears to sing along with whatever you have playing? Well there’s now an updated version that adds 5 new faces, so if you’ve been dragging your feet on picking one up, apparently now’s the time to do it. There’s also a limited edition wooden version of Tengu now available, which was designed by its original creator, Crispin Jones, for the ‘Inverted’ show at the Beyond The Valley store in London.

I actually had one of the original Tengus sitting on my desk at work for a while, but I eventually buried him in a drawer after I got tired of people asking me what it was. You can get your own ‘updated’ Tengu from its official website for £19.95 (about $30) while the wooden variety is presumably only available from the Beyond The Valley store for £30 (about $44.)

[ Mr. Jones’s Tengu ] VIA [ Gear Live ]