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Rock Band Adds 500th Song With No Doubt Pack

Rock Band Adds 500th Song With No Doubt Pack

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I haven’t kept track of just how many tracks I have for Rock Band, but you can that between the original disc tracks, the AC/DC expansion and the load of DLC I’ve bought, there’s a lot there. While I haven’t gone through and counted my own songs, I can tell you that as of this Tuesday there will be over 500 total tracks available for the game. To push the total over the 500 mark, we’ve got a collection of 13 songs from No Doubt. “The Singles 1992-2003” is comprised of the bands best hits from Tragic Kingdom, Return of Saturn and Rock Steady. Read on for the full track listing.

1.”Just a Girl”
2.”It’s My Life”
3.”Hey Baby”
5.”Sunday Morning”
6.”Hella Good”
7.”Underneath It All”
8.”Excuse Me Mr.”
11.”Simple Kind of Life”
12.“Don’t Speak”

There are plenty of good tracks here to justify the $19.99 price, or if you like, just pick and choose your favorites for $1.99 each. I’m sure that female rockers everywhere will be happy to see an influx of songs that are sang by someone of the same gender.

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