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OGCC Day 8 – Precision Wrapping Paper Slitter

OGCC Day 8 – Precision Wrapping Paper Slitter

OpenX Precision Wrapping Paper Slitter (Images courtesy ThinkGeek)
By Andrew Liszewski

2008 OGCC Day 8 (Image property of OhGizmo!) This one’s for that friend or relative who spends more time wrapping a gift, than shopping for it. You know the type. They hand you a gift Christmas morning that’s covered in perfectly trimmed paper and ribbons that you’re supposed to spend the next 20 minutes unraveling (once everyone’s photographed it of course) lest they give you one of those ‘how dare you destroy my handiwork’ kind of looks. So for those who seem to have more time around the holidays then the rest of us, there’s the OpenX Precision Wrapping Paper Slitter.

It’s apparently not only faster than a pair of scissors, but it also produces a cleaner and more accurate cut. And the recessed blade makes it safer too, since my family people seem to get a little uneasy when you hand them a wrapped gift covered in drops of dried blood. You can pick one up from ThinkGeek for just $5.99, and even if it doesn’t arrive in time for Christmas, there’s still plenty of other holidays throughout the year where we’re forced to give a gift.

[ OpenX Precision Wrapping Paper Slitter ] VIA [ Uncrate ]


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