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Atek Logio Secure Password Organizer

Atek Logio Secure Password Organizer

Atek Logio (Image courtesy Atek)
By Andrew Liszewski

I really don’t have a problem with having to use passwords on secure websites, I just don’t like having to remember them all. Sure, you can use a single all-encompassing password for every site you visit, but if it gets compromised, your whole online world becomes an open book. So if you’ve got a long list of different passwords to remember, and don’t want to disguise them as fake contacts jotted down on receipts in your wallet, you can go the Logio route instead.

At just an eighth of an inch thin, the Logio looks like one of those Sharp personal databank organizers from back in the day, but it’s sole purpose is to actually store and protect your menagerie of passwords and keywords. In fact it will hold over 200 records including login info, ATM pin numbers, credit card numbers, driver’s license number etc. and it can even be used to generate random passwords should you be unable to come up with your own.

In fact the only downside I can see is that since your info is protected by “sophisticated AES encryption” you’ll of course need yet another password to gain access to the Logio. But at just $29.95, you can always pick up a second Logio to store the password for the first one. But then I guess you’ll need a third Logio to store the password for the second one… And then a fourth… and fifth… and sixth…

[ Atek Logio ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]