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Add Tire Chains To Your Shoes

Add Tire Chains To Your Shoes

By Luke Anderson

If you live somewhere that has a lot of snow, you might consider putting chains on your tires. Thankfully we don’t get enough snow in the Midwest to warrant that sort of accessory, but those to the north aren’t as lucky. So chains on your tires are great for driving, but what about when you’re not in your car? Most shoes and boots are still going to have a tough time getting a grip on the ice, so why not put chains on those too?

These Kahtoola MICROspikes look a bit crazy, but then again I can certainly see the benefits. I can bet that just about everyone has slipped and fell on the ice once in their life, and that hurts. Of course on the flip side there’s the fact that you have to mess with putting these on your shoes every time you leave the house would get old quick. And of course if you forget to take them off, that’ll ruin your nice hardwood floor. Unless you spend a lot of time on the ice, I’d probably pass on these $60 accessories.

[ Kahtoola ] VIA [ SlipperyBrick ]