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Mystical Fire Powder Turns Your Fire Blue And Green

Mystical Fire Powder Turns Your Fire Blue And Green

By Luke Anderson

Have you ever seen one of those cheesy fantasy flicks where a wizard casts a magical powder into a roaring fire, only to have the flames leap up and change into a fantastic color? Sure, it might seem underwhelming on the screen, but just imagine if you could do that yourself. Now that would be a pretty cool trick. The best part is that you can.

So maybe this Mystical Fire doesn’t increase the size of your fire’s flame, but I’m sure that someone smart like you could find something to mix in with this powder for that particular effect. What Mystical Fire does do is changes the color of the flames to blue and green, rather than ordinary red. While not very practical, this $2-per-bag powder might be fun in the right situations.

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