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So How Much Is The Nokia E71, Rogers?

Nokia E71 @ Rogers
By David Ponce

Those of you who followed the Canadian iPhone 3G saga know that our country’s largest GSM provider (Rogers) can be… how shall I say… interesting to deal with? Well it seems there’s some confusion/concern once again over another anticipated smartphone, the Nokia E71. Over the past few days photos have been popping up showing the Nokia E71 available at Rogers stores across the country for the incredibly low price of just $49.99 with a 3-year contract and data plan.

But a friend of mine who went to a Rogers store this morning with hopes of picking up the E71 was told, after they had asked him for all of his contact info, that the price tags in store were actually misprinted and should have read $149.99. A pretty hefty $100 difference. And he was signing up for a data/voice plan that was considerably more than the $45 minimum as indicated under the price tag. What’s even more confusing is that the Rogers website lists the phone as being available for as low as $99.99, with what turns out to be with a limited time $50 mail-in rebate.

So what’s the deal Rogers? Why have stores across the country had this misprinted price tag for several days now? According to Canadian law you should be honoring the $49.99 price if you don’t see fit to update your in-store displays.

Sale above advertised price – The Competition Act prohibits the sale or rent of a product at a price higher than its advertised price. The provision does not apply if the advertised price was a mistake and the error was immediately corrected. “

Have any of our Canadian readers had the same thing happen when they tried to pick up a Nokia E71 from Rogers?