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Mouse Scale Is Perfect For The Cubicle Drug Dealer

Mouse Scale Is Perfect For The Cubicle Drug Dealer

By Luke Anderson

My mouse doesn’t really do anything more than a standard mouse is supposed to do. Sure, it’s got a couple of extra buttons that come in handy when playing games, or just navigating the web, however, it’s all very basic mouse-like stuff. I’m quite happy with my mouse, as I can think of very few other functions I would like for it to serve. However, it seems that there is a growing need for mice that also happen to be scales.

I can’t imagine what the average person would do with such a scale at their computer, unless maybe they do a lot of shipping, and their items are rather small. I also suppose that if you’re selling drugs, it might be quite useful to have a small, easily-hidden scale at your desk. Whatever it is you happen to need it for, the MSC-500 Mouse Scale can measure in 0.1g, 0.005 oz., 0.005ozt., and 0.1 dwt increments. If this sort of thing is up your alley, it’ll set you back a salty $60.

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