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Flower Router Makes Your Electronics Smell Good

By Evan Ackerman

Electronics used to be just a bunch of humming beige boxes with blinking green lights. We’ve made a lot of progress in the last decade or so, and now electronics are mostly humming black boxes with blinking blue lights. This vase router take a refreshing approach, forming a wireless router into a sort of nuclear power plant shape with space for a flower in the top. If it’s got space for water in there, I imagine you could fill it with soil and actually get something to grow, and the radiation from the router will undoubtedly cause all kinds of exciting and potentially horrific mutations. Like exploding petunias. Kaboom!

Or, you could just set a vase on top of your existing router and try to grow something in that. Your call.

VIA [ Dezeen ]

  • Joe T

    Dude. How do you spell flower?

  • Evan Ackerman

    Um, it was a pun. Yeah, that's it, a pun.

    I blame autocorrect.

    And the American education system.


  • busby_seo_test

    This article is very interesting and is full of important information. Thank you for the author of this site and article.God bless you!

  • utah best landscaping

    Flowers can survive there? I don't like the product it will be better if it's transparent.

  • VigRX Plus

    hahaha… is this thing really exist ? @_@

  • VigRX Plus

    hahaha… is this thing really exist ? @_@