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Fizz Saver Seems Interesting, If It Really Works

Fizz Saver Seems Interesting, If It Really Works

By Luke Anderson

I tend to drink a lot of Mountain Dew, usually out of a can. I used to just by 2-liter bottles, but since it has a tendency to go flat, I stick with the cans. What I’d really like is to buy a fountain machine, however, those setups are really expensive, and probably not the most practical for home use. The closest thing I’ve seen so far is this Fizz Saver.

This magical device is essentially a tap for your 2-liter bottles. You just screw it on, flip it over, and then you’re good to go. Since you aren’t constantly taking off the cap, the carbonation isn’t released and your drink stays fresh. I’m a little confused about a couple of aspects, such as how you can actually get all of the liquid out of the bottle through the tap. It’s been a little while since I took science, but I’m pretty sure that once the liquid’s level was even with the tap, it would cease to flow. Also, how did that glass get so full when the bottle has clearly just been opened? How much does it cost? And when did they start selling Pepsi Twist again? Well, I can at least answer the last two. It’ll set you back about $13, and apparently they started selling Pepsi Twist again this past summer.

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