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Polimaster Gamma Radiation Indicator Watch

Polimaster Gamma Radiation Indicator Watch

By Evan Ackerman

Gamma rays. Gamma rays are awesome. They give you super powers. But what if you already have super powers, like I do? Heroes like me have to be careful not to get re-exposed to gamma radiation, since it might alter my spectacular ability to be marginally witty even at 2 in the morning. The Polimaster gamma indicator watch sits slickly on your wrist and monitors ambient radiation and dose rate, and will alert you if you’re about to melt into a little puddle. Good thing it’s waterproof, too.

Polimaster specifically recommends this watch for frequent fliers, since you get significantly more radiation exposure at altitude. For what it’s worth, you get significantly less than you would from an x-ray at the doctor’s, so if you’re trying to develop powers of your own, I’d recommend breaking into the nearest hospital as opposed to taking lots of plane flights. It would be cheaper, too, and you’ll need the extra cash, since the Polimaster PM1208 will cost you $370.

[ Polimaster PM1208 ] VIA [ Uncrate ]