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Nihilist Mints, For The Postmodern Philosopher

Nihilist Mints, For The Postmodern Philosopher

By Luke Anderson

When I set out to buy something, I tend to do my research beforehand. I like knowing that it has the features I like, and that other customers were satisfied with its performance. There’s nothing worse than getting something, only to find out that it doesn’t work as advertised. So what happens when you come across a product that advertises it’s lack of functionality as a feature?

I give you the Nihilist flavorless mints. By definition, a mint is a candy flavored with mint. Thus one can only conclude that a mint with no flavor cannot be named as such. All naming issues aside, I think we can all agree that these are the most pointless mints that one can buy. Then again, I suppose that’s the point. If you want to wax philosophical over the pointlessness of existence, then pick up a pack of 60 Nihilist mints for $5 and enjoy, or don’t.

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