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UPDATE: EDG Multimedia Business Cards

UPDATE: EDG Multimedia Business Cards

EDG Business Cards (Images courtesy Jump Lab)
By Andrew Liszewski

Speaking of items we thought would never actually hit the market, the rCard multimedia business card concept was first shown off about 3 years ago, but is just now finally seeing the light of day. It’s also been re-branded as the EDG (pronounced ‘edge’) card, and if you haven’t heard of it before, it’s basically a high-tech business card that’s slightly thicker than a credit card, but features an LCD screen, a speaker and controls allowing it to play back videos and other multimedia content.

UPDATE: It turns out the EDG cards are in no way related to the rCard, which was a similar concept that never actually made it to the market. The EDG cards are instead produced by a company called Jump Lab who’d like to assure us their products are not only available for purchase, but “far exceed anything any former product could deliver.” We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

The cards include a mini-USB port for uploading content, and while users can also download additional PR material from the card to their PCs, they don’t have access to the video content, preventing them from re-purposing the card for their own uses. The EDG cards range in price from $17.50 up to $29 per unit, which already makes them a tough sell if you plan to give away more than one, but hopefully they’ll make a big impact on your client before the novelty wears off.

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