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Chinese Farmer Builds His Own Robot Army, But Uses Them For Boring Tasks

Wu No. 25 (Image courtesy Ananova)
By Andrew Liszewski

Wu Yulu, a 46 year old Chinese farmer, doesn’t have a fancy University degree or much book learnin’, but over the past 30 years he’s managed to build himself an impressive army of 26 different robots. As time went on, Wu’s skills at designing robots improved, and while his first model, affectionately dubbed Wu No. 1 (he sees all his robots as his sons who must bear his surname) could barely shuffle along with small steps, Wu No. 25 is actually capable of pulling Wu around in a rickshaw for up to 6 hours on a single charge.

Sure it’s impressive and all, but I’ll be frank here. If I had managed to build myself an army of 26 robots they wouldn’t be sitting around writing calligraphy, serving drinks or playing musical instruments. Instead I’d be taking the Victor von Doom approach and would use them in a fiendish plot for world domination. That or cleaning toilets, either way it’s win win for Andrew!

[ Ananova – Farmer builds robot army ] VIA [ Coolbuzz ]

  • Gadgetking36

    This seem to be a total waste of time if the robot will not be use for more quality tasks.

  • ThatCom

    I thought he will use it in the farm….