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Golden Shellback Splashproof Coatings Now Available

Golden Shellback Splashproof Coatings Now Available

By Evan Ackerman

We wrote about the Golden Shellback splashproof coating back in July, and it looks like the coating is now available for a few select gadgets. Although the coating is technically splashproofing, not waterproofing, demos have shown that things like cell phones are able to operate quite happily even while completely submerged in water. The awesome part is that you can’t tell that your gadget now has superpowers… It looks, feels, and operates exactly the same, until you find yourself sneezed on by a manatee (or something) and you realize that hey, your phone still works.

So how does it actually work? It involves some kind of crazy machine, and here’s what the website says:

Golden Shellback coating produces a vacuum deposited film that is nonflammable, has low toxicity and has the ability to weatherproof electronic devices and other surfaces. The clear, nearly non-detectable, uniform film is insoluble in solvents. When applied to clean, moisture free surfaces, such as plastic, copper, aluminum, metal, ceramic, steel, tin or glass, the coating is transparent with excellent weather proofing and anti-corrosion properties.

Here’s what’s currently available to be splashproofed… Although they don’t specify, you’ll probably have to buy your own device and then mail it to them for the coating service:

Blackberry Pearl $120.00 per unit coated

Apple IPod Shuffle $60.00 per unit coated

Apple IPod Touch $120.00 per unit coated

Garmin GPS etrex $75.00 per unit coated

They can do a couple other things too, and my guess is that they’re just slowly testing electronics to make sure that they remain fully functional after the coating process. This is good, ’cause I’m totally hoping to Golden Shellback my dive computer.

[ Golden Shellback ]


5 responses to “Golden Shellback Splashproof Coatings Now Available”

  1. Jim says:

    I first saw this product over at a few months back. are the guys working on the launch of the product — Kickass stuff!!!!

  2. Jay says:

    4 Times my wife dropped her treo 650 in water and 3 times I was able to fix it from stone dead to working fine simply by submerging it in a large bowl of alcohol, removing it, drying it in a towel, and lightly heating it with a hair dryer. this has worked for my instinct as well, as several other phones I have owned in the past. Now when my phones get submerged, I don't panic, Just remove the battery (My wife does not) soak the phone in isopropyl alky, and dry lightly with hair dryer.. works every ti,e.

  3. That really works? Good tip…

  4. pinayseotest says:

    , Der virkelig virker? Godt tip …

  5. Great splashproof coatings they are.