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Sprig Toys Are Eco-Friendly And Kid-Powered

Sprig Toys Are Eco-Friendly And Kid-Powered

Sprig Toys (Image courtesy Sprig)
By Andrew Liszewski

While I find the trend kind of disappointing, it seems the only way you can sell toys to kids these days is by including some kind of electronic light & sound feature. And that of course means the toy also needs batteries, and is immediately at risk of being ignored once those batteries die. But a company called Sprig has come up with a line of rugged toy trucks and vehicles complete with sounds and lights that not only don’t require batteries, but are eco-friendly as well.

The toys are molded from a product called ‘Sprigwood’ which is a kid-friendly, bio-composite material made from recycled wood and reclaimed plastic. And the material is colored when it’s produced, so the toys don’t feature any decorative paint, but are still bright and colorful. Each vehicle has a different off-road theme that is accompanied with custom sounds and LED lights, but they use a push-and-pump-action to harness a child’s endless supply of energy which powers the electronic components.

And while many eco-friendly toys also come with outrageous price tags, the Sprig vehicles are actually quite reasonable, ranging in price from about $20 for the Rally Racer and Baja Scout, and up to $50 for the larger Discover Rig.

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