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VTech WALL-E Learning Laptop

VTech WALL-E Learning Laptop

VTech WALL-E Learning Laptop (Image courtesy VTech)By Andrew Liszewski

I’ll keep my thoughts about WALL-E the movie to myself, since I don’t want the comments for this post to be taken over by the Pixar fanboys, but if you’ve got kids, there’s a good chance they’ve got a WALL-E [insert product tie-in here] already on their Christmas list. So why not go the whole ‘educational toy’ route instead with this WALL-E themed learning laptop from VTech.

The laptop features a flip-down QWERTY keyboard and a basic LCD screen, as well as 5 different learning modes including letters, words, math, logic and games. WALL-E’s arms can be used to scroll through the on-screen options (or you can use the arrow buttons on the keyboard) and he’ll even blink his right eye every time you get an answer right. How’s that for motivation!

For $29.99 it seems reasonable, though according to Gearlog it doesn’t include a headphone jack or a mute setting on the volume controls, so be prepared to get sick of hearing those WALL-E sound effects real quick.

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