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Latvian Restaurant Features An Unsettling Hospital Theme

Latvian Restaurant Features An Unsettling Hospital Theme

Hospit?lis (Images courtesy Hospit?lis)
By Andrew Liszewski

Hospitals are already at the top of my ‘places I’d prefer not to visit‘ list, so I’ll probably never be popping into the Hospit?lis if I happen to feel a bit peckish while visiting Latvia. From what I can tell, the restaurant was created by two doctors (correct me if I’m wrong) and not only is it decorated in the ‘gleaming white meets stainless steel’ motif of an operating room, but it also features a special ‘crazy’ menu. In fact the website warns that the preparation of some of the items on the menu can be quite shocking, and before ordering the Debilitas Dementia Hysterica Universalus Grave or the Compressio Cerebri Cum Oculus Dextros Left Sive, you’ll actually need to sign an informative patient agreement.

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