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Spread Heads Makes Dinner Fun, Or Just Gross

Spread Heads Makes Dinner Fun, Or Just Gross

By Luke Anderson

Have you ever been squeezing ketchup onto your hamburger or hot dog and thought to yourself “this is boring”? I think that to myself just about every time I get out the ketchup bottle. Now if only there were some sort of silly attachment that I could place on the end of the bottle. That would surely turn an otherwise mundane experience into something wacky and fun.

Yes, I’m being a bit over-dramatic, because honestly it takes maybe a few seconds to squirt some ketchup on a bun. No, it’s not exciting, but does it really need to be? Well if that’s exactly the thing that needs spiced up in your life, then you can get a plastic head to put on the end of your ketchup bottle. Now instead of the stuff coming out the end of a white cap, it’ll come out of some strange guy’s nose. These things will only cost around $4.50, but I think I like my condiment containers just the way they are.

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