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DIY Freeze Pop Maker Sounds Cool, Probably Isn’t

DIY Freeze Pop Maker Sounds Cool, Probably Isn’t

By Luke Anderson

Am I the only one that craves ice cream when it’s cold out? I believe I’ve stopped by my local Dairy Queen three times in the last week. What’s even stranger, is that ice cream is the old cold treat that I actually enjoy more when it’s already cold out. Popsicles and the like just don’t sound good unless it’s the middle of summer. Well, whenever it is that you enjoy such frozen treats, you can now make your own Freeze Pops.

I’m sure that everyone remembers those plastic tubes filled with what I can only imagine to be frozen Kool-Aid. Well thanks to the Freeze Pop Machine, you can make them yourself. Normally, I’m all about these sorts of things, since they generally save you money. However, you can buy a case of 100 Freeze Pops at the grocery store for around $15. Honestly, it’s going to take a long time to make back the initial $33 investment on the machine itself.

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