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Keep Your Mousing Hand Warm With This Heating Mouse Pad

By Luke Anderson

Lets face it, it’s November, which also means that it’s really cold outside. If you happen to be one of those people living in a warm climate, you can just go…nevermind. Anyway, for those of you that have trouble keeping your hands warm at your desk, here’s a handy little gadget to help at least one of your hands.

Rather than trying to cram a heater into your mouse, Thanko has decided to make a USB Heating Mousepad. Sure, it’s not much to look at, but when your boss decides to get stingy with the thermostat, you’ll love its 40-45 degree Celsius temperature. This would go perfectly with one of Thanko’s heating keyboards, which between the two, should keep your hands plenty warm in the winter. This gadget won’t even break the bank at just $20.

[ Thanko ] VIA [ EverythingUSB ]