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New USS Enterprise Gives Me A New Hope (I Hope)

New USS Enterprise Gives Me A New Hope (I Hope)

By Evan Ackerman

Oh, Star Trek. What happened to you? You used to be so good. TOS was badass for what it was, TNG was excellent after the first few seasons, and eventually DS9 was pretty good. And then Voyager had a decent episode or two. And then there was that other one that nobody watched because we were all too busy watching better shows like Firefly and BSG. And the movies? Except for “nuclear wessles” and “KHAAAAAAN” they’re pretty mediocre too. So let’s just say I haven’t been especially excited for the latest Star Trek movie. I mean, Star Trek is about the future, right? Why would I be interested in seeing a Star Trek prequel?

Here’s why:

This is the USS Enterprise NCC 1701, as reimagined (or something) by JJ Abrams for the upcoming Star Trek movie. Seriously, I was expecting a total trainwreck, but she looks pretty good, doesn’t she? Call me nostalgic, but it might (might) be worth forking over the $14 or whatever to catch this in a theater on May 8th of next year.

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