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Arm Carpel Massager Alleviates Wrist Pain

Arm Carpel Massager Alleviates Wrist Pain

By Luke Anderson

As a geek, (and a writer to boot!) one of my biggest fears is that I will one day develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Having shooting pains in my wrists while trying to work would certainly make my life much more difficult. Thankfully, there is a massager such as this one which will help to alleviate the pain related with CTS.

Sure, this might look like some kind of torture device to some, but I’m guessing that it would feel pretty good on your wrist when used. You simply adjust the height of the roller bar to your liking, then slide your arm back and forth inside of it. The roller is supposed to massage the tendons which are affected most by Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. If it works, then it would be well worth the $50 price tag.

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