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Victor Builds A Better Mouse Trap

Victor Builds A Better Mouse Trap

By Luke Anderson

I grew up living in the country, which meant we always had a mouse problem. Sure, we had a couple of cats, but they were of the lazy non-mouse-catching variety. My mom hated seeing the dead mice in regular traps, so those were rarely used. We instead tried using live traps, as they seemed to be a nicer way to get rid of the critters. Unfortunately we were pretty sure that despite releasing them far away from the house, they were still coming back inside. If you have a similar issue, then you might want to look into the Victor Multi-Kill trap.

This handy device will attract small rodents, and then electrocute them after just 3 seconds in the trap. It then dumps the fried mouse into a handy collection box so that it can be easily disposed of. What’s more, is that the company claims that their device can rid you of your mouse problem in a single night. $100 might seem like a lot for just a mouse trap, but if it’s truly as effective as they claim, it would be well worth it.

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