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Rid Yourself Of Garden Gnomes Once And For All

Rid Yourself Of Garden Gnomes Once And For All

By Luke Anderson

How many times have you spent an entire day working in the garden, only to discover a gnome has made itself at home a short while later? It’s a problem that has been growing over the last several years, to the point that some people are waking up to find dozens of garden gnomes on their lawn. If you’re ready to take action, then you need one of these Gnome Traps.

I’m not entirely sure why gnomes would be especially attracted to a small watering can, but if it works, that’s all that matters. This certainly would be an amusing addition to anyone’s yard, especially if they live in a neighborhood where everyone seems to have a garden gnome sitting on their lawn. The trap comes with two rings with a watering can as bait, and a gnome to set nearby. It’s only $35, and worth a few good laughs.

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