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Apollo 11 Spacesuit Replica

Apollo 11 Spacesuit Replica

Apollo 11 Spacesuit Replica (Images courtesy The Space Store)
By Andrew Liszewski

With space tourism becoming more and more popular, investing in your own spacesuit doesn’t seem like a bad idea. I mean when the time comes to be blasted into orbit, do you really want to wear a smelly old suit that’s been worn by countless other astronauts before you? That’s like having to wear the ‘demo sock’ at the shoe store. So for just $9,500 you can pick up this museum-quality replica Apollo 11 spacesuit that was worn by the likes of Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

The design and molds created for this replica were modeled after the authentic NASA Apollo-era A7L garments, and they’re made from a heavy weight Nylon Cordura that’s built for wear and tear. (Does that include the vacuum of space?) Other features include aluminum cuffs, neck ring and hose fittings, two side sun shields and an outer gold sun visor, a ‘snoopy’ cap complete with foam ear covers and an elastic chin strap, air hoses, rubber tipped gloves and what appears to be a rather sizable backpack perfect for storing a week’s worth of that freeze-dried ice cream.

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