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Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice

Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice

Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice (Images courtesy Hasbro)
By Andrew Liszewski

Like Monopoly and Scrabble, Trivial Pursuit is one of those games that every household seems to have a copy of, even if no one is really sure where it came from. But while Monopoly and Scrabble are infinitely re-playable, Trivial Pursuit unfortunately relies on a finite set of trivia questions and if you play it enough, you might find those questions repeating, taking some of the challenge out of the game. You can always buy another copy of the game with a different set of questions, but I like Hasbro’s latest solution which replaces the box of trivia cards with an updateable electronic unit.

Out of the box the Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice device comes pre-loaded with 600 different questions, but you can connect it to your PC via a USB hook-up and download up to 1,800 additional questions from at no extra charge. The Digital Choice version of Trivial Pursuit also comes with everything the regular version of the game does including the playing board, dice and those fascinating scoring ‘pies’. I assume, or at least I hope that Hasbro will be continually adding to the online question database, and even if they charge for updates after you download the first 1,800 it will still probably be cheaper than having to replace the entire game. You can pick up your copy of Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice directly from Hasbro for $49.99.

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