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Folding PC Case Makes Your Desktop Portable (Not Really)

Folding PC Case Makes Your Desktop Portable (Not Really)

By Evan Ackerman

The Asustek Vento TA-F computer case is kinda nifty in that it folds flat, without tools. Almost flat. Or just about as flat as you can hope to make a decidedly three dimensional metal computer case in our non-Euclidean space, which works out to be some 8.7 centimeters. It’s got all the slots and bays and fans and stuff you’d expect from your average non-foldable case. Asus estimates an overall savings of 30% on “storage and transportation costs” for vendors and dealers, but until they figure out some way of making all the stuff you’ll be cramming inside the case foldable as well, it’s not going to do be doing you any favors. Better get on that, Asus.

The Vento TA-F is available in either “sophisticated black” or “stylish silver” for a price which Asus has thusfar neglected to mention.

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