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AlienBees Cyber Commander Flash Trigger

AlienBees Cyber Commander Flash Trigger

AlienBees Cyber Commander (Image courtesy AlienBees)By Andrew Liszewski

Ooh, I know what a lot of professional studio photographers are going to have at the top of their Christmas lists this year. From AlienBees comes their latest remote flash trigger called the Cyber Commander which incorporates a large color LCD display that actually allows you to control the parameters of up to 16 different light units, all from the camera. That includes setting the camera f-stop of each light, the flash duration, the color temperature and even the relative flash power using the European standard scale.

The lights can also be easily assigned to individual groups making adjustments across multiple heads easy, particularly since the Cyber Commander also features an easy to understand naming convention which uses the actual model name or position of the lights. And when you’ve got everything setup just perfectly you can even back up those settings to a MicroSD card for later access. Believe it or not the $179.95 price tag is actually quite reasonable given what AlienBees claims the Cyber Commander can do, but unfortunately with a release date of ‘TBA’ there might be a lot of disappointed photographers come Christmas morn.

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