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Monthly Archives: October 2008

G.Cell GX-1 Bluetooth Ski Gloves

G.Cell GX-1 Bluetooth Ski Gloves (Image courtesy Swany)
By Andrew Liszewski

The Winter isn’t the best time of year for using portable electronic devices, particularly if you live in a cold & snowy climate, or just happen to be vacationing there. There’s the constant debate of whether it’s worth taking your nice warm gloves off to answer that call or skip to the next track on your MP3 player. However these ski gloves from Swany at least solve the phone problem by incorporating a speaker and microphone that pair with your cellphone over Bluetooth, allowing you to take calls with a set of easy-to-use answer and disconnect buttons. Of course if you’re swooshing down a mountain trail on a pair of skis and are more concerned about missing a call than colliding with a tree I think you need to get your priorities straightened out, particularly since these gloves will set you back $495 which is more than most cellphones cost.

[ G.Cell GX-1 Bluetooth Ski Gloves ] VIA [ productdose ]

Electrolux Soft-Refrigerator Concept Saves Space And Energy

Electrolux Soft-Refrigerator Concept (Images courtesy designboom)
By Andrew Liszewski

My fridge is usually pretty bare, which is why I like this collapsible Soft-Refrigerator concept by Electrolux. The use of a heat-insulating membrane and modular vented shelving means the fridge can be collapsed and ‘size-optimized’ based on how much food you need to refrigerate. And besides making more room in a cramped kitchen, by collapsing the fridge you also reduce the volume of space that needs to be cooled, which in theory should reduce its energy usage. The Soft-Refrigerator even seems a clever alternative to a cooler when traveling, though I imagine the energy saving benefits are negated if you have to bring a portable generator with you to keep it running.

[ designboom – imagine the home in 2020 ] VIA [ Cribcandy ]

How About A $460 Yo-Yo?

YoYoFactory Catch 22 (Image courtesy YoYo Nation Store)
By Andrew Liszewski

I went through the yo-yo phase when I was younger, and I can remember when spending $10 on a ‘premium’ wooden yo-yo seemed like a major investment. But at some point I decided a career in yo-yo-ing just wasn’t for me, probably because I was pretty sure you couldn’t actually make a career out of yo-yo-ing. But looking at the Catch 22 from YoYoFactory with its $459.99 price tag, I assume someone has to be making money doing it. The unique looking yo-yo is limited to just 70 pieces and features an all-aluminum black bead-blasted body and titanium rims. So at least that explains some of the cost.

Other features include an angular tapered design which reduces the overall friction on the string, a long spinning DOROTHY large-sized bearing with a silicone response system, laser etched rims and it even comes in its own padded Pelican case complete with extra bearings, response pads, string and axles. At the moment the Yo Yo Nation Store has 16 of the Catch 22s for sale, so you better act fast because at this price they’re sure to be all snatched up in about 3 years time.

[ YoYoFactory Catch 22 ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

Cube Timer Is Simple, Too Simple

By Evan Ackerman

This cube timer is a really simple, straightforward little device: just rotate the cube so that the time you want is facing up, set it down, and an alarm will go off after that amount of time has passed. To shut it off, flip it back over to zero. There are no dials, no buttons, and no blinky LEDs… It’s a cinch to use.

The unfortunate thing about keeping track of time, though, is that you’re often having to deal with inconvenient numbers that aren’t 5, 15, 30, or 60 (and for the record, I’m pretty sure that’s leaving the sixth side undefined). What if I want 10 minutes? Or 45 minutes? It would be utterly impossible to measure those increments of time with this gadget. The obvious solution, of course, is to just use a hexecontahedron, which would include faces for all of the numbers from 1-60. Ah, but what about the zero face to stop the timer, you ask? Well, just take out the number 18 and put the zero in there. I mean, come on, 18? Nobody uses it for anything.

It’s $18 from

[ Whateverworks ] VIA [ bookofjoe ]

Netflix To Stream HD Movies To Xbox 360 Owners Next Month

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When the New Xbox Experience launches next month, 360 owners will have the opportunity to stream Netflix movies to their console. This is something we’ve known for some time, and is honestly one of the things I look forward to the most regarding the dashboard update. However, it seems that they’ve been holding out on us.

Not only are we going to be able to stream Netflix movies on our Xbox 360’s, but we’re going to be able to do it in HD. When the NXE goes live on November 19th, Netflix will also be launching their HD streaming service, which will work with the 360. According to sources, there will be over 300 movies available in full HD when the service launches. If you don’t have a Netflix account already, I’d highly suggest signing up and taking advantage of this.


Build Your Own Solar Powered Grasshopper

By Luke Anderson

When I was a kid, I always enjoyed gifts that required me to assemble something. LEGOs and Erector Sets were always great, but one of my favorites was this DIY radio kit that I got. I don’t recall actually learning anything from it, except how to use a soldering iron (not very well, mind you). But at the end of the day, I had a working radio that picked up all of one station. Sure, it wasn’t practical for use, but I built a freaking radio with my own bare hands. I know that my younger self would have loved to build one of these Solar Powered Grasshoppers.

I doubt that this kit is quite as complicated as my radio, but once it is assembled, you’ll have a grasshopper that hops around, with a little help from the sun. At $11 a pop, I’m sure it would make a great little stocking stuffer.

[ ScientificsOnline ] VIA [ RedFerret ]

Thanko Keyboard Keeps Your Hands Warm In The Winter

By Luke Anderson

I’ve always thought of the thermostat as a sort of battleground. I don’t care if you’re at the office or at home, if there is another person in the area, they will always want it set around 8 degrees differently than you do. The worst (for me) is when it gets really cold in my office, as I don’t type well when my hands are freezing. If you happen to work in an office where this is a regular occurrence, this keyboard from Thanko might be beneficial to you.

This cool (get it?) keyboard has built in fans and a heater that can keep your hands cool, or warm, depending on what you want. The keyboard may look a little bulky (for obvious reasons), but if you get cold hands, it would be well worth the $51.

[ Thanko ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]

The Return Of The Zeppelin (No, Not The Band)

By Jonathan Kimak

San Fransico based company Airship Ventures is bringing back Zeppelins. The blimp like Zeppelins(but don’t call them blimps, they’re sensitive about that) have not been too popular since the Hindenburg crashed and burned over 70 years ago. Somehow I doubt that will be in the brochure.

For $495 an hour(per person) you and up to 12 guests can ride one of the Zeppelins on several different scenic tours of the San Fransico/Oakland, including a trip over the Golden Gate Bridge. There’s also the possibility to have a customized route for a “customized” price.

The flight will take you 1,200 feet above ground and you’ll be traveling at a modest 35-40 miles per hour. The Zeppelin itself is 246-feet long and made of a semi-rigid structure and filled with non-flammable helium(at least they’ve learned something in the last 70 years). The flights will begin sometime this November.

I’ll be waiting for either a price reduction or a dual airship Final Fantasy themed party in the air with two airships battling each other in the sky. Neither is likely to happen.

[ Airship Ventures ] VIA [ DVICE ]

Portable USB Power Supply

By Evan Ackerman

I don’t have a USB volcano, but if I did, I bet I’d want to use it all the time, everywhere. I can do that with this USB power bar, which has a rechargeable 2200 mAh lithium battery inside plus a 5 volt USB power port to charge all your USB stuff. It also has a power level indicator, and a flashlight thrown in for good measure. A variety of included adapters let you charge iPods and common cell phones, and you should be able to charge things at least once or twice from dead. Once you’ve run the power bar’s battery out, you can recharge it from a USB port on your computer, or from another power bar. It’s $32 from USB Geek, which isn’t that much to pay to have a volcano available anytime, anywhere. There’s no telling when it might come in handy…

[ USB Geek ] VIA [ Geekalerts ]